Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Writing on the Wall

One of the gifts EGR received for her birthday was bath crayons - the kind you use to write on the tub or yourself or the millions of bath toys. She broke them in in a major way the first night; I think every toy in the tub received a little embellishment before she was finished. She wrote everywhere.

Fast forward to the next afternoon when she suddenly remembered they were in there. In a brief two minutes of quiet contentment, the child made her mark down the length of both walls of our hallway. When she came to the living room with the crayon, I asked her to take it back to the tub because we were on our way out the door. She complied and we went on our way. It was later that I realized what the little scamp had been up to. I whispered to Dave about it so he could see it before I wiped it off, but I decided not to say anything to her yet. If she does it again, I will enlist her help in cleaning it up but I can't really blame her creativity. After all, we gave her crayons and said, "Let me show you how to write on the walls" and neither of us specified that she was only to write on the bath tub walls. Luckily, they are very washable, so it cleaned up with a wet rag. Now, I'm just waiting for her to realize it's gone and ask where her writing went.

In other news, everyone who has seen me in the last few days says Baby Boy has dropped, and I've gotten a lot of "you aren't going to make it to August." I have politely requested that people stop saying that because a baby before August means a baby in trouble. Trust me. I know that his August 29 due date is accurate. I dare you to ask me how I know.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday, EGR!

Today is Ella's second birthday. When I told her Happy Birthday this morning, she asked me, "Where's my party?" Grandma sang Happy Birthday to her on the phone, and she asked me after we hung up, "Where's my birfday cake?" She totally gets birfdays. The party and the cake will happen tomorrow morning.

I am working from home this week (thus the blog posts), so she and I just put together her first present. It's not from Dave and I, but I don't care since we've been in this house together all week and she really needs something new to occupy her while I work. When Grandma called, she told me to go ahead and give her their present, so now she's playing with a fancy new pirate ship water table. It's cool; it even has a battery operated fountain, which she doesn't care for right now because it doesn't have batteries yet and it's just in her way. We'll rectify that after we go to the store later today.

Dave and I are giving her a grocery cart with groceries and a cash register. She does love to go grocery shopping, and she was so cute driving that little cart all over Big Lots last weekend, so we went back and got it. She told me a couple of days later that she wants the grocery cart for her birthday. I'm sure we will be seen in Pugix (Publix) in the near future with a 2 year old pushing a bright red shopping cart. The most interesting part will be filtering the things she wants to buy when it's time to pay; the child is a serious shopper.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, my sweet little girl!

Monday, June 21, 2010

May / June / Probably July Update

I know it's been two months. That's just life these days.

What have we been up to?

We've been to the beach (see pictures here - there are also some random ones from earlier this year). EGR did not like this sand this year. This was both a pleasure and pain. Pleasure because there wasn't much sand to clean up - especially no sandy diapers; pain because I like to sit on the beach and the only times I did that were when she was asleep. The child did not even want her feet to touch the sand, so she had to be carried while we were on it. I'm hoping this is a passing thing, and maybe next year she'll like it better. We had a great vacation. Ella loved swimming with her floaties, and by the end of the week she had figured out how to move herself around the pool and jump off the ladder. She never got the courage to jump off the side, but that will come with time. The last day we were there, she played in the pool for 7 straight hours and we had to drag her out of there. Needless to say, she fell asleep at supper before the entrees got to the table.

The closer we get to Baby Boy's arrival, the more we see of Baby Ella. She's even taken to crawling again. I'm just going with the flow and trying not to use the words "big girl" too often. She's splitting time between using the potty and refusing to use the potty. Right this minute, she's wearing Dora panties. Last night, after being asked one too many times if she needed to use the potty, she looked at Aunt Becca and said, "Do you need to use the potty, Becca?" I think she made her point. She hates diaper changes these days, so I just told her this morning after she went to the potty, "Either you wear a diaper or panties." She picked panties. We'll see how long it lasts.

Baby Boy is growing and growing. I recently found out that I have Gestational Diabetes again, so I'm following my diet again. This baby moves and kicks a lot more than Ella ever did, but I guess that's because he isn't folded in half with his head and feet under my ribs. I'm not sure what position he's in right now, but I know he's changed position several times in the last few days. I've felt him kicking me in the cervix, in the bladder, in both sides, and directly under my ribs. He's very busy in there.