Friday, January 08, 2010

New Year, New Pictures, New Update

EGR's second Christmas was fun-filled and chaotic. I also think it was a bit overwhelming for her at times. She did really well resisting the urge to open the presents up until a few days before Christmas, so once it was actually time, she was fully in the game. We spent Christmas day at our house for the first time since Dave and I got married, and it was wonderful. I really enjoyed taking it easy at home. The pictures above are from Christmas morning.
As life usually happens, the week I returned to work after my vacation is also the week she decided to cut her next tooth. This one happens to be a 2-year molar. I was happy to have it confirmed at her 18-month check up so I could be sure it wasn't her ears causing her not to sleep at night. This time at the doctor's office, she did wonderfully. She sat quietly in my lap and let him check her out. She was mad about the shot, but it was the last one until she turns 4 (Praise God!). The separation anxiety phase she was in leading up to Christmas seems to be nearly over now, and she's back to being her normal, well-adjusted self. This makes me happy because it gives me a much needed break, and because I love to watch her play contentedly by herself for hours at a time. She lives in such a fun little world. We had a great vacation together over Christmas.
Right now her favorite things are taking care of her babies, coloring, having tea, and walking her stuffed dog. She got 5 new babies for Christmas and she spends her time changing them, feeding them, sucking out their noses, taking their temperatures, and helping them play. The babies frequently have tea and color with her. She had her first friend over the other night during our Sunday School After-Christmas party, and since then we have talked repeatedly about all the things her friend played with while she was here. She really enjoyed having company her age, and I was very impressed with how she handled another child in her house, playing with her things.
Her vocabulary continues to expand on a daily basis and we are now in the stage of watching what we say around her because she has become a little parrot. She's starting to consistenly use 2 word sentences, and she's doing a much better job of using her words rather than grunting or whining. I still give plenty of reminders to use words, especially when she's tired, but she's really doing a great job and it is so helpful when she can tell me "eat!" or "hurt" or "nap" instead of me just trying to figure it out. A random, amazing, and possible bizarre coincidence happened yesterday when she was holding a crayon in each hand. She said, "Color." and I said, "Yes, you have colors." She said, "Two." It was the first time I've seen her count in any form or fashion, regardless of the fact that we count everything, all the time. I have to think it wasn't a coincidence, but my immediate thought after the conversation was, "How early DO they learn to count?" I guess it doesn't matter; she'll do it when she does, just like everything else.
Since my recent track record for updating this blog isn't very good, I'll catch up by saying Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Roll Tide Roll! Maybe I'll get around to writing again before the month is over.