Tuesday, January 23, 2007

It's Only Been 21 Days, People!

I know, I’m way over due with this update, but life has been crazy since the New Year started!

People news first (because there’s actually more of it, for once):
The unbelievable has happened – Dave’s parents finally moved. I say it’s unbelievable because they have been talking about moving and listing their house for the majority of the time I’ve known them – about 7 years, now. They’ve looked and looked and looked for houses, but could never find a house big enough for their stuff, or a yard big enough, or a house that had a place to park the camper. It really seemed as if they just didn’t want to move, and I’ve been saying all along that I would believe they were moving when I saw it happen. It happened. The ended up buying a much smaller house about 10 miles from Dave’s brother; it does have a big yard and a place to park the camper, though. We moved them on the first weekend of the January. Even though they’ve been cleaning out and “downsizing,” we moved 20-something years worth of stuff. Really – twenty years worth of tax records. I, myself, moved the tax records onto the truck, and there was a box for every year since 1987. 1987 PEOPLE! She said she was going to burn them. (Are you asking yourself why she didn’t burn them before they moved? I did, and I asked her, too.)

Anyway, we moved most of the stuff (packed in OUR plastic tubs, mind you – what a great idea!) and they had a moving company move the furniture. I also received an assignment to re-caulk the bathtub, which I wholeheartedly agreed to do because I haven’t had a home improvement project in about a year. I didn’t know when I agreed that I would be doing it THAT day, but it worked out great since I hurt my back somewhere along the way and I really couldn’t lift anything. So, I caulked the bathtub and the boys moved the stuff. When I got home that night, I could not bend over. We had to make an emergency run to the Dollar General for Bengay so that I would be able to move and sleep. It was bad. I went to the chiropractor the following Tuesday and got that fixed.

It seems that caulking that bathtub got my home improvement juices flowing again. I walked around their new house planning all the things I would do to it. Since then, Dave and I have started looking for houses. We know we want one in our neighborhood, and we’d like to have one that needs some work (because those are the fun ones). Several have been put on the market, so we’ve been walking through them and weighing our options. Given the fact that Dave finally got his first paycheck from the state (insert a mini-celebration here!), we feel like we are in a decent position to buy a house and actually be able to make a house payment. We’ve been living for free in my grandparents’ house – courtesy of Jan and the uncles – for nearly a year now so that Dave could start his practice. I love our little house, but it’s just too little, so it’s time to buy our own. We’ve got our eyes on a 2/2 with a basement on a lot on the creek that seems to be in good condition. It needs updating and minor repairs, but we aren’t opposed to that. I really think I’m ready for another project. I’ve been project-less for nearly a year, and I woke up this morning planning what I would do to this house. We’ll see if it works out.

In addition to receiving his first paycheck, Dave also found an office to rent that is right across the street from the courthouse. He’s very excited because now he has a place to go every day, even when there isn’t anything happening in court. I’m very excited because it’s just an exciting time. I’m so proud of him! I suspect that having an office will increase business, and we all know that a busy Dave is a happy Dave. We shopped for and assembled some furniture, and moved him in the second weekend of January. He’s sharing the building with two established lawyers, so I think this could be really good for him. We also recently completed our quest for guest chairs, so his office furniture should be complete.

I spent last week in Indianapolis where the average temperature was COLD (seriously, lows of 12 and highs of 27 - with wind). I came home just before the Colts fans flooded the city (Go Colts!), but the air was pretty festive by Thursday. Business was good, and I have plenty to do between now and the end of February when I go back again. Indy is becoming like a second home to me – not that I would mind having that Hilton bed at my house. Work is busy, and I like it. I’ve also been cooking out of my new Rachel Ray cookbook (If you don’t know who Rachel Ray is, check your Nabisco products for her face. She’s my favorite Food Network personality). Rebecca gave me the cookbook for Christmas, and I’ve already gotten goo on the pages! That’s a sign of a good cookbook, you know. I’ve also been re-reading the Harry Potter books. Rumor has it that the last one comes out this summer, and I want to make sure I’m prepared for it. I’m up to book four, and enjoying them even more than I did the first (or second) time I read them.

Pet news:
We got a new arm chair for our living room, and when Daddy and Dave moved it in, they nearly had to carry Georgia in it. She jumped on it before it was on the floor. She’s trying to claim it as her own, but Dave is fighting her for it. She had her first raw egg to eat last night, and she slurped the insides up but wouldn’t eat the shell. (I’m not crazy, the shells are good for their teeth and bones, and most dogs will eat them.) We’ll try again soon and see if she eats the shell.

Jewel busted up her chin in a fight (I’m assuming), so we’ve been calling her Rocky. She had a big scab on her upper lip and chin, but it’s gone now and her chin just looks really pink.

Gypsy is her usual miniature self, albeit a little more snuggly since the weather has been cooler. She’s taken to sleeping between Dave and me with her head at the pillows, stretched out like a person. Dave hates it when he realizes it, but she’s so light, he hardly ever knows she’s there. She’s definitely my cat; she follows me around and talks to me during my routine every morning and night.

Squirt has been wearing out his feather balls he got for Christmas. When he finally comes inside in the evenings, he eats first (always), and then plays with the feather balls. We are usually settled down on the couch, and we here him banging and crashing around on the kitchen floor chasing that ball. He may have actually lost a little weight, though, so that’s good. The knot on his side is gone now, but his sore on his shoulder is still not cleared up. He really messed it up while I was in Indy, so we are working on getting it healed again. Dave barely remembers to feed them when I’m away, and since Squirt only surfaces at certain times of the day, I knew he’d never remember to doctor him. I’m about to give up, myself. I can tell that he just licks and licks it, but it really had started to grow hair again. Now we are back to square one. How many times have I said that about this sore? Three, I think. Neurotic cat.

Well, I think that’s enough for now. I’ll post some random, silly pictures I’ve collected soon; and if something serious happens with this house, I’ll post pictures of it, too.

Oh, and Chance the swimmer puppy that I posted about a while back is now up for adoption. His prognosis is good and they think he’s ready for a forever home! That’s so exciting, and it’s a good thing I don’t live closer to him or have a bigger house right now, because I think I might have to have him. I’m sure he’ll find a forever home in no time.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

And Happy New Year!

The boys: Nathan, Rob, and Dave.

The favors: martini glasses with the 007 logo.

The centerpiece.

The girls: Me, Rebecca, and Georgia.

A very tired Georgia.

Rebecca and I threw a small New Year's Eve party with a James Bond theme, since it IS 007 this year. The boys griped because we made them dress up, but what girl doesn't like to wear a pretty dress occasionally? Let's face it after highschool, and maybe college, there just aren't that many opportunities - so we created our own. Everyone looked great, and we had a great time.

Poor Georgia didn't make it all night. She did great, but the loud music and general rowdiness got to be too much for her as the night wore on. I ended up locking her in the bedroom with the cats (I knew they wouldn't appreciate a party). They all slept on the bed together until it was over. The next morning, she was just as tired as we were. :) One thing she likes about a party, the food. She stood guard over the buffet and looked at us with sad eyes whenever we came near it. I don't know what all she ate that night, but she was so well behaved.

I made it to bed about three, and that was WAY past my bedtime. Of course, my body didn't let me sleep past 8 a.m. on New Year's Day, so it was a lazy day. Fortunately, I'd planned ahead and done all my chores so I could be lazy. We had a great meal with all the things you are supposed to eat on New Year's: pork, greens (cabbage, thank goodness), and black-eyed peas.

Despite the good food and football, I really think New Year's Day has to be one of the most depressing days of the year. It's the official end to the holiday season, the last big break until you take a vacation (for most people), the return to normality, and just a general time of let-down after the busy holiday season. To sum up: it sucks. And, this year it was on a Monday, and you all know how I feel about Mondays. They suck. :)

So, here I am in my cube on the 2nd of January, and it's time to get on with it. Of course there were changes when I got to work this morning, that seems to be a regular occurrence these days. It's getting to a point where I'm not sure what "normal" is in my work environment right now. Anywho, there was some good news: as of the 8th, I will be a full-time employee!! That means I'm no longer a contractor, I will get paid vacation and sick time, a retirement plan, insurance, and a raise! Yay!! Best of all, I'll no longer have to work through a third party company. I'm very excited since this was one of my personal goals for 2007, and it means good things for my little family.

Oh, by the way, Go Broncos!! (Boise State Broncos, that is.) I was really struggling about pulling for Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl, because I think their blue astro-turf is just ridiculous, but I'm a sucker for the under dog (I know, who would've guessed?). With a minute and thirty left on the clock, I rolled over and went to sleep because I knew the game was over and Oklahoma was going to win like everyone thought. I was wrong. As Zabransky said, there was "plenty of magic left" because the next thing I knew, Dave had woken up and was yelling: "They tied the game!" What?! I have to wake up and watch the rest of this?!? I'm glad I did because that was some of the best football I've seen in a long time. I may just have to forgive them for their blue field after all.

That's enough for now.

Oh wait, I forgot to add that I rode my bike up the freakin' Student Retreat hill and I'm very proud of myself! :)