Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is that a fuzzy caterpillar?

Nope! It's Gypsy and Squirt having a summer nap in the shade.

It's not really summer yet, but 88 degrees certainly starts feeling like summer. The kitties love this carpet roll that Dave and I have been carrying from house to house with us. We have a certain attachment to this roll of carpet. See, this is the carpet that we put into our house in Gardendale AFTER we moved out of it. It replaced some hideous tannish-gold carpet, and since we didn't get to live on the new carpet, we brought some with us. It stays on the carport because our house has carpet already, but we just couldn't bear to part with it.

Anyway, the kitties love to lounge on it, so I guess it's good for something.

This is a picture of the tablescape I created for our Ladies' Night Out a few weeks ago. It also had clear glasses with gold rims, but I bought them and put them out after taking this picture. A funny thing about those glasses and ladies, I had eight glasses because the table sat eight, but when the men were filling the glasses, one was missing. I could not figure out what happened to it - until the end of the evening when I happened to be following behind a seasoned lady who passed by my table to replace the glass she had taken from it earlier. Apparently, she did not want to drink out of the gold rimmed goblets that were on the table where she was sitting, so she borrowed a glass that would match from my table. Go figure. No big deal, except that one of the ladies at my table had to drink out of a plastic cup. Women. The favors were little candles in travel tins, and I had enough fruit to last two weeks once the thing was over.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

It's Wedding Season!!

Obviously, since we only attended one wedding last year, we are making up for it now! Presently, I am co-planning a reception, a bridal shower, and a baby shower, and buying gifts for all of those plus three more. I'm also the Wedding Liason at church, so I'm now coordinating an unexpected wedding that just popped up. It's the first wedding in the 7 months that I've had this position, and it had to happen now. At least it will be over in about two weeks (I'm glad I'm not planning that one!). My calendar is so full it makes me cringe when I open it. I'm also in charge of the Mother's Day Basket fundraiser at church, so I'm really wondering what else I can add to my agenda right now. WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?

Anxiety aside, it will all be dramatic and fun (and funny when approached with a spirit of silliness), and I won't have to worry about being bored for a while. I'm so thankful that I have a beach trip planned in June.

I attempted to decorate a cute cake over the weekend and it was a DISASTER! The cake is very tasty, but the icing melted because it was too hot in my house, so it didn't turn out as cute as I had planned. It was my plan for the bridal shower I am co-planning, but that plan has been modified.

I stayed home from work yesterday because I hurt my back over the weekend and I needed a visit to the chiropractor. He told me that sitting in my chair all day will cause me to have this catch in my lower back. I guess that means I should retire. :) How am I supposed to NOT sit in my chair?! :) He did say that I need to get up and walk around more often, so I'm trying that today and it seems to be helping. Of course, had I not walked the 70 lb. dog last night, it would probably help more, but that was me being dumb because it felt better.

On the house front... we are at a loss. There is rumor that another one in our neighborhood will be on the market next week, so we are planning to go see it. We have until June to find one before our preapproval expires.