Thursday, July 26, 2007

By Reader Request

It's been so long and so busy since I've been here, that I've been putting off updating this thing. Let's see, the cats have quit bringing dead rodents into the house because they are locked in or out unless we are home. No more free access unless there is parental supervision. On one occasion, I happened to intercept a live mouse as Jewel brought it through the window, so I just tossed it right back outside. There was also a tail-less salamander that I rescued, but that's about it. Thank goodness.

Squirt moved back to the old house one more time after our vacation to the beach, and since then he's been staying home. I didn't take any pictures at the beach, and I've been a slacker about getting some to share. Oh well, there's no need to post bikini pictures anyway. :) There were some quite funny beach incidents involving my sister and the sea gulls. She HATES birds and Dave can think of nothing funnier than tormenting her by planting bits of bread around her chair on the beach to attract the birds. It was a relaxing four days of nothing but sand, sun, books, and good food. I can't wait until September when we go on our cruise.

We all survived the wedding (some of us just barely) and the party afterwards was a blast. It couldn't have gone any better - good music, good food, good fun. Dave and I danced and danced. Both the ceremony and the reception turned out beautifully. It rained ALL day long until right before picture time, then it started back as the reception ended - our prayers were answered. We so needed the thing to go according to plan. Since it's over, I've been completely worthless. :) Here are a few pictures.

The ceremony in Orr Park.

The wedding party.

The bridesmaids.

The reception.

I counted down the days until the release of the final book of the Harry Potter series, then ended up spending that weekend in Atlanta. It wasn't everything I hoped for and more, but some good came out of it. There was an ugly scene with our friend whom we were staying with, and the entire experience really made me appreciate the fact that Dave is my best friend. Another good thing, this was Georgia's first vacation with us and she did great! We took her and our friend's boxer to the lake to swim and ride on the boat. She had a blast, and now I want to find more places to take her for vacation. She's so good, and she just went with the flow and did great. I'm reading Harry Potter now, and it's killing me that I have to put it down to sleep at night. :) I had so planned to read it all the day it came out. Oh well.

Hmm, church. Our preacher resigned and took a job at another church, so we are without a preacher right now. It's very strange around there right now. I've taken over maintaining the website, as the preacher's wife did that job previously. I'm actually pretty excited about it, since I'm a nerd and all. I may be building a site for Dave's law practice soon, too. He just has to decide what he wants on it.

I guess that's enough for now. I'll try to do better about updating more often - and taking pictures. :)