Monday, February 19, 2007

My So Called Life

Closet Kitten

Jewel frequently adopts a favorite spot for sleeping, and this seems to be the spot for those occasions when she's feeling a little anti-social. You can't tell from the picture, but she's in the top of my closet.

I know I say this every time I post, but life has been crazybusy lately! I cannot believe it is March already. For the record, I started this post about 2 weeks ago, but I was called onto a critical project, and then another one, and so it goes. Last week felt like two because I spent the first two days in Charlotte, NC on a client site. So, updates....

We withdrew our contract on the house we were looking at because there was just too much work to be done. It was a two bedroom with a full basement, and we were planning to buy it with the intention of finishing the basement. In order to finish the basement, we were going to have to dig up the yard with a backhoe, put in a drain, fill in the yard, re-landscape, and rebuild a front porch. That was just going to be too much to fit into my crazy life right now. We are looking at another one that we've been watching for quite some time, so we'll see what happens with that. It's not in our neighborhood, but I think we've about gotten over that requirement.

What else? Well, Dave and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary on February 21st. That's pretty freaking amazing. If the past two months have gone fast, the last three years have been traveling at the speed of light. :) I found a great lawyer briefcase for Dave that has a pocket for his laptop, so that was his present. He seems to really like it, and now he has a bag for his "things." Which is good, so maybe I won't have to carry his "things" in my purse now. He really outdid himself with my present. I got a new car! Well, new to me anyway, and for those of you who know what I drove, you'll know that a 98 model would have been new to me. :) Anyway, its a 2003 Camry, and it's the nicest thing I've ever owned. It's burgundy, which is wonderful because I told him I didn't want white or any kind of non-color (non-color = silver, champagne, etc.), those are all nice, but I really needed a color after driving a white car for 10 years. Yes, that's right, the car I was driving was my first car. I bought it when I was 16 and it was 2 years old then. You can see why I'm elated to finally have a new one. The best part is that I didn't have to do the shopping and haggling, and we got a pretty good deal on it. Yay! :)

Work - what can I say? It's just crazy. I have barely been eating lunch most days. I keep hoping it will slow down just a little, but things keep coming up. Dave has been very busy with work, too, which make us both happy.

He had a car accident recently (right before I got a new one), and we are waiting to see if he gets a new car, too. A lady rear-ended him on the off ramp of the Interstate. He was supposed to see the adjuster last week, but he had to reschedule because of the storms. Hopefully he'll get that taken care of this week. He wasn't hurt at all, just the car, thank goodness. I think the accident inspired him to start shopping for a new car for me. Yay. :)

There are lots of church things coming up. We have our annual Ladies' Night Out this weekend, and I'm decorating a table for it. I'm also in charge of the men who will be serving, so that should be fun. :) I'll try to remember to take pictures of my table to post.

On the wedding front, we have two to plan for now. Dave's niece is now getting married in May, and my cousin is getting married in July. I don't have much to plan for the niece - I just have to be there, but I'm in my cousin's wedding and helping with the decorations. I found some good flip-flops to wear with the dress over the weekend, so I'm happy about that. They have enough of a heel that I won't have to have it hemmed. The wedding is outside in the park, and the tallest girl has to wear flat shoes for her dress to fit, so we are all wearing flip flops. They won't show, don't worry. Anyway, they are brown, so I'll be able to wear them with everything.

I SO need a vacation, or three. I might actually get three this year, too, if I do it right. There should be two family beach trips (one per family - my families), plus Dave and I are going to try to take one by ourselves. We haven't had a big vacation since our honeymoon, and I'm ready for one. We really need time to pretend that the rest of the world doesn't exist. I'm thinking we will try to go on a cruise this fall.

Oh, yesterday marked the official start of Birthday Week 2007 for my sister. She is the only person I know who celebrates her birthday for a whole week. Me? I'd rather skip it, but that doesn't happen.

I guess that's all for now. Until next month, I guess...... :) (Hopefully it will be sooner than that.)

By the way, the date on this post says February 19th, but it's really March 5th. That's how long it took me to write it.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Sips 'n Strokes

I painted this at an art class called Sips 'n Strokes. There is a little art gallery on 280 that has paint classes several times a week; you bring a bottle of wine and $25 and the artist supplies the materials and teaches you how to paint the painting. I really enjoyed it and I plan to do it again. The art gallery is called Wendy LoVoy, and if you are interested in the class, you can see the calendar at