Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Reason # 1,256 Why I Love My Dog

At 3:45 yesterday morning, Georgia barked her “booger bark.” That’s the scary one that wakes me out of a dead sleep in the middle of the night because something is wrong. And something was wrong. There was a dog in our yard, and it was stalking my cats. Gypsy was peacefully sleeping on the back porch like the house cat that she is (her previous street cat life convinced her to stay close to home). Squirt and Jewel were nowhere to be found, but there was a wad of fur in the driveway. You can imagine that I freaked out a little. I ran the dog off and whistled and whistled for the cats. After about 15 minutes, I gave up and decided that they were probably too scared to come out of hiding. I went back inside and stopped in the bathroom on the way back to bed. I heard Squirt jump in the window (that’s where they go to yell for me to open the door). I let him in and he was stinking like a skank-nasty dog. I’m pretty sure he tangled up with the dog that was in the yard, and got away from it. I checked him over and couldn’t find any visible injuries. When I got back in bed, Jewel was still out. I worried over her for a while, but admitted to myself that it was just as likely that she has a second family she sleeps with at night (she’s very social). Before Dave left for work at 5:30, he dropped her on the bed with me. She had come in for breakfast, as always. I checked her over, too, and couldn’t find any injuries. It seems that they escaped the killing dogs once again.

This is the second time that Georgia has woken me up in the middle of the night because a dog was after the cats. The first time it happened, I was too late to save the neighbor kitty, but mine all survived. It’s the same pack of dogs, too. They are really scary and I honestly believe that it won’t be long before they start attacking children. Apparently, Animal Control caught the main one several months ago, but it broke out of the holding pen and it’s had another litter of puppies – and it’s teaching them to hunt.

When we move to the new house, we are going to try making the cats inside kitties once again. They were fine in our first house with the basement, and the new house has a basement, too. The new house just has more room in general, so I’m hoping they can all peacefully coexist in the bigger space. It makes me nervous to let them outside there because it is closer to the creek, which is where the killing dogs stay most of the time. Plus, I get the impression that our new neighbors won’t appreciate Jewel’s social personality. We’ll see.