Friday, April 28, 2006

Everybody Say "WOO HOO!!"

We have a lawyer! I just checked the Alabama State Bar Directory, and he's listed. :) See for yourself:[4ZO9750\RR&-:GTan .

Thank you to everyone who prayed us through this. I know he felt those prayers, and we couldn't have made it without them.

He'll be sworn in on May 24 before the Alabama Supreme Court. I'm so excited and proud of him. :)

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A Few More Pictures

Notice the large brown dog to the left? She knows those kitties aren't supposed to be outside. Notice the evil glowing cat eyes? Jewel does NOT care what Georgia thinks. :)
These are our tomato plants. They are just babies right now, but a couple of them already have blooms. Let's hope I don't kill them. :)
Don't they look like they are having a serious conversation?

I think this one was up to no good chasing a bug. She loves being under the porch where the ground is cool. Her pretty white bunny (belly) fur came out orange.

What's wrong with these pictures?


If you guessed, "The cats are outside," you would be correct. We decided to let them out to play last weekend and they all had a great time. I've decided, based on the number of cats that roam the neighborhood unharmed, that mine can play outside occasionally while I'm home. Jewel would be an outside cat all the time if I let her. She stayed out until I made her come in at dark. Squirt and Gypsy went in and out all day, but didn't go far from the house. I think they don't want to deal with the dog. Consequently, Georgia is having a hard time letting go of the "No Kitties Outside" rule, and has been chasing and poking at them whenever they come out. Jewel does not give a rip, but Squirt and Gypsy are a little more timid.

Jewel got herself in a pickle when she hopped the fence, then decided she couldn't get back over in a different spot that had pokey things on top. Dave had to drive around the block to retrieve her from the backyard behind ours. I know she would have found her way back just fine, but we were ready to leave for church and I wasn't leaving her out. (I know I'm a worry-wort, so save it.)

In other news, Daddy and Dave planted the tomatoes Saturday. Dave tried to brutally murder a frog with the rake (okay, not really, he just raked at it accidentally), but Daddy grabbed it up and handed it to me. I don't know if I've ever held a frog before, and I was a little surprised to find him in my hands so suddenly. :) He was actually not at all slimey, like I thought he would be. He was cool and smooth, and I liked him, but I let him go on the other side of the fence. Staying in our yard would mean certain death for a froggie, especially since the kitties are coming outside some. That's all I've got for now.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Great Escape

Actually, there have been two escapes recently. Well, actually, there have been four, but only two this week. Both were pretty funny.

Remember when I was bragging about Georgia staying in her fence? I spoke too soon. Last Saturday, the next door cat (Cody is his name, I think) was sitting nicely in his backyard. Georgia was very excited about this; Cody was not at all excited. Georgia acted like she wanted to scoot under the fence in a pre-established weak spot (she didn't dig the hole), so I took the rebar out of the gate and stuck it in that spot in the fence, to make the fence more stable. I thought this would be fine because the gate was still latched. We should have been secure, right? Wrong. Cody decided he couldn't take the pressure any longer and took off running. Georgia, in hot pursuit, used her head to ram right through the gate! It certainly caught me off guard. She didn't go far, just chased Cody around his house, then inspected the neighbor's backyard. Apparently, the rebar must remain in the gate at all times if it is supposed to hold the brown dog. That was the first escape of the week.

Last night, my opportunist cats decided that during a thunderstorm is a good time to venture into the yard. I was not involved in this adventure (as I have been in all of the escapes thus far) because I was reading peacefully on the couch. Dave had been out on the porch and come in to get a shower. When he came out of the shower he said, "Who left the door open?" Um, not me, I haven't moved. Apparently, he didn't shut it all the way when he came in and the wind blew it open. So, we searched the house for the cats, and they were no where to be found, of course. I stood on the back porch, in the pouring rain (okay, the porch is covered, but that's beside the point) calling Jewel. I knew that if only one was out there, it would be her. Georgia assisted me in rounding up the kitties, and soon they came in one-by-one. Gypsy, being the street smart cat that she is, had snuggled down on one of the chairs around the table. She was the first to come in, and she was nice and dry. Georgia convinced Squirt and Jewel to come out from under the porch. I don't often see Squirt's furry, black butt move as fast as it did through the rain to the back door last night. Apparently, he doesn't like rain. :) Jewel was the last one in, and in no hurry at all. I wasn't surprised. They all got cookies for coming when I called them, and settled in to bathe all that outside thunderstorm off of themselve. Crazy cats.

In people news: I am happy to report that we are spending lots of time playing in the yard and at the park. I'm loving not having a project to work on, though I think Dave is getting bored already. He'll find something to get into soon, I'm sure. My work has been crazybusy, as has become the norm. That's fine, it makes the days go fast and I'm loving it. On that note, is 4 in the afternoon the official witching hour? It seems like things get even crazier in that last hour when I'm trying to leave on time.

We are waiting and hoping for our house to sell soon, and waiting and hoping for good bar exam results. We spent Easter at our church in Gardendale, and that was kind of sad, but we plan to start looking for a new church this week. That's all I really know for now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Our House

Here's the link to the listing of our house in Gardendale.

If you know anyone who is looking for a house in Gardendale, please let them know!

We have a Swimmer!

Labrador Retrievers were bred to retrieve fishing nets from the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic. This explains their thick, water repellent, double-coat, webbed feet, and otter like tail - all things that are used for swimming. Given this information, one would think that a Lab would naturally know how to swim and love it. One would be wrong. :)

Apparently, we have spoiled Georgia with her kiddie pool. She LOVES the water and loves to play in her pool, but she expects the ground to be under her feet at all times. The few times we've tried to get her to swim in a big pool, she completely freaked out. She can swim when she falls in, she just didn't know it, and certainly didn't think it was fun. :) Well, now that we are in Montevallo with a good park to play in, we decided to make her learn to swim in the creek. My theory was that if she could wade into deeper water gradually, she would realize that it's okay when the water gets deep and wouldn't panic. Dave took her to the park while I was gone to Charlotte and let her stomp around a bit in the water. He said she was really funny going deeper and deeper, but stomping her feet the whole time to make sure the ground was still there. Once I got home, I bought her a 50 foot leash so she would be able to move around in the water and we could still control her. We took her back to the park Saturday, walked her a lap to get her hot and thirsty, then took her to the little beach entrance to the creek. At first she just splashed around until Dave found a stick. He started throwing the stick for her, and she did just was she was supposed to do, found it and brought it back! She could swim! The more he threw the stick, the more she wanted to swim and retrieve it. I know we looked like lunatics cheering and clapping for her when she actually swam out and back to get that stick, but we were so proud! Our water dog is actually a water dog now. :) We took her back Sunday, but she was still very tired and there were too many kids and dogs around for her to focus for long periods of time. She swam, but we lost a few sticks because she kept getting distracted. :) I'm such a bad dog mom, I just realized that I didn't even think about taking the camera to get pictures of her swimming. Maybe next time.

Friday, April 07, 2006

No Smooth Sailing Yet :(

We had another anxiety issue this morning, a little breakfast surprise for us. I don't know which kitty is responsible, but I'm pretty sure it was Squirt. I quit giving him the anti-anxiety medicine two days ago, and it seems that might have been too soon. Add into the equation a few things I hadn't thought of: animals lived in the house previously (which would cause territorial marking) and the weather is supposed to be bad (which will further aggravate the anxiety). The good new is, no one seems to be sick anymore. The bad news is: HOW DO I MAKE THIS STOP?!? My patience is wearing thin with cleaning up animal accidents. I believe I've had my fair share this past year, and I'm ready to pass this responsibility to another family. Anyone? I will continue giving him the medicine, and do some more research, and wait, and pray, and hope he is adjusted by the time the medicine runs out. If all else fails, I think they might have to be outside kitties. It breaks my heart just to think about that. :( He was one of my engagement kitties, and part of my little fur-family, how can I just put him out? :( Everyone please say a little prayer for my animals (if you don't believe in praying for animals, we may need to talk); this has been so life-altering for them. Okay, enough whining.

A happy story. Georgia passed the fence test this morning with flying colors!! Yay! I've been concerned that she might leap right over it in a tempting situation, because that would be no problem for her. I let her out this morning, and she did her normal boxing bounce out the door and off the porch to check for unwanted guests in the yard (you can't know how happy it makes me to see the boxing bounce again, it means she's accepted the yard and house as hers). Lo and behold! There was a cat drinking from the bird bath! She bounced and barked at it until it ran, and she chased it right to the fence and watched it go over, BUT she didn't follow it! Yay! I just knew she'd chase a cat right over the fence, but we were spared the trauma of retrieiving her from someone else's yard this day. The first time she realizes she can jump the fence, we will have a problem, but for now we are trying to make her respect the fence before she gets the idea to jump it. She really is finally starting to enjoy the yard. She patrols in the mornings and evenings and she has learned to catch the frisbee in the smaller space. One thing that still gets her (that we find ABSOLUTELY hilarious) is the motion light on the workshop. She wanders under it during her nightly patrol and it scares the $%$^$# out of her! HA HA HA! :) I laughed so hard last night when I saw her jump and run like something was after her. That should be good entertainment for a while. :)

In people news: we got our Gardendale house on the market. The new carpet makes it look bigger and cleaner, which is wonderful. I still have to do a thorough cleaning, but it will be a much more pleasant experience now that I don't have to look at the disgusting old carpet. We also still have to touch up some paint that was messed up in the move and a few other chores like that. I have to admit that I had a moment when we were leaving there the other night, but I'm good now. I love the new house, and once my crazy cats are all adjusted, it will be great.

Monday, April 03, 2006

We're In!!

We are moved and unpacked, and everyone is adjusting nicely to the new house. The cats seem much better now that their stuff is all unpacked. I'm guessing the most traumatic part for them was seeing it all go away from the old house and not understanding what was happening. When I unloaded them into the new house (after everything was unpacked and set up), they were fine and happy. I'm still medicating Squirt for a few more days just to be on the safe side.

It's funny what you discover about people and animals when you live closely with them. This new house is smaller, but we fit comfortably into it. The biggest difference is that we don't have a basement. Previously, we kept the litter box in the basement, now, it's in the bathroom off of our bedroom. Well, as it turns out, Squirt is a 5:30 a.m. pooper. :) The past three mornings he has been scratching obsessively around the litter box between 5:30 and 6 in the morning (don't worry, litter box scratching has always been an obsession of his). He's so consistent that I think Dave will just start using him for an alarm clock. :)

The kitties also LOVE the screen door on the back porch and the cool tile floor in the bathroom. They accepted their room without question, and Georgia has not bothered the baby gate (except for the one time she hopped over it to steal a cat toy - that's pretty normal). She's pretty much letting them have their space. Georgia and Jewel are becoming sweet sisters, and we saw proof this morning. We were sitting at the table for breakfast and Georgia was sitting with us waiting for her bites. Jewel slinked up to her and loved on her just a little, like she does to us when she needs love. I've been suspicious that they are really best buds for a while now, but that just confirmed it.

Georgia is learning to live in a fence, and it hasn't been too bad. She just doesn't understand why she can't chase the cat in the backyard next door, or the squirrel in the backyard behind us. She settled for harassing a woodpecker, but it scolded her nicely and she's left it alone since. She swam in her pool yesterday for the first time this year, so I think that made the fence situation a little better.

Dave has finally calmed down, and I think he really is finished with projects for a little while. I know I am. I'll post some pictures when I have time to take some good ones. I have a few of Georgia on the back porch, but I forgot to upload them.