Thursday, August 30, 2007

There has been so much happening lately, I'm feeling overwhelmed about updating this thing.

Animals first - Jewel E. Cat looks like someone socked her one. The left side of her face is swollen, and I don't know why. She's also being VERY sweet, and that's out of character. I looked for fang marks because I think she may have tangled with a snake, but I can't really tell if that's what bit her. Then again, it could have been a spider or a bee or ants. At any rate, she's locked in the house for observation. I've narrowed the time frame to between 6 and 7:30 tonight, so we'll see if she swells some more or acts seriously ill. She's an expensive cat.

Squirt is MIA. He refused to come inside Thursday a week ago and I haven't seen him since. Dave says he saw him at the old house on Sunday, but he certainly isn't coming when I whistle for him.

Gypsy the Street Cat has somehow turned into a spoiled house cat. She thinks that if I'm cooking or using the can opener, then she needs some of whatever it is. She ate cantelope the other day.

Aside from puking 5 gallons on my new carpet, Georgia's life has been relatively ordinary lately. Thank goodness.

The people - We are both working on a lot of church stuff. The pastor resigned, so we are looking for a new one, setting up new committees and teachers for the next church year (which starts tomorrow), and working on the parsonage. It's keeping us very busy. Dave has meetings a couple of nights a week, and I've been painting the parsonage. We started work on it last weekend without anyone knowing because it needs to be done and we didn't feel like thinking about setting a meeting to talk about making a list of things that need to be done to the parsonage. One of the things about the "sleepy little church" is that they like to talk a lot and not do much. We are slowly (well, Dave is mostly) getting things stirred up - and it's good. We didn't tell anyone about painting, but people found out and showed up and we bypassed the whole meeting junk. I'm excited about it. I've also agreed to teach the toddler Sunday school class for the year. This Sunday is the first time. I'm not too sure about teaching toddlers (19 months through 2 years), but we'll see how it goes. At the very least, it should be entertaining. :) I'm also still maintaining the church website, and I really enjoy it, but I wish I had more time to work on it.

Dave's parents are listing their house for sale (yes, the house they just moved into in January), and looking for a house down here. They've visited quite a bit lately. They looked at my Grandmama's house last weekend because she has moved to a nursing home now. That's pretty sad. It's very weird to see Daddy and the aunts and uncle cleaning out that house. It sucks, really, because she always lived there.

There is also a nasty rumor that a new residential development is going to be built right behind our back fence. Supposedly, it's 40 apartments and 69 townhouses. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure it will happen at some point, so I'm planning to plant rows of pine trees behind the fence so they can be growing in preparation for that day.

I can't wait for Labor Day weekend. I need three days in a row. Our cruise is 15 days away. I NEED it badly. We both do.

Oh by the way, I just re-read this and realized that I'm starting to talk/type like my boss, who natively speaks French. So, if something reads strangely, that's probably what's happened. Also, I spent several days this week with some German co-workers and I found myself picking up some of their sentence structure, too. :) It's funny how that happens. I really have to admire the people I work with because the majority of them don't natively speak English. I can't imagine moving to another country and learning the language fluently enough to communicate in a business setting. Amazing.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Critters by the Creek

Today was Montevallo's first annual Critters by the Creek event. It's like Doo Dah Day, but probably better because it's by the creek and you don't have to drive downtown. :) It's just another one of many "by the Creek" events we have here, because the creek runs through our city park. The Shelby County Humane Society was there with adoptable pets and they were running a micro-chip clinic. Furtastic Pets Grooming did the contest prizes and the free stuff, and the MHS band boosters sold refreshements. The Montevallo and Calera Police Departments and the Shelby County Sheriff's department were there with the K-9 units, inlcuding some Chocolate Lab puppies in training! There was a pretty big turn out; lots of different breeds of dogs, a miniature horse, a rabbit, and a parrot.
Georgia did the Hokey Pokey in the Talent Contest, and she won 2nd place! The picture above shows her loot. The gift basket had samples of her food, a bag of treats, some toys, and a gift certificate to the groomers. The 1st place winner was also a Chocolate Lab, named Petey. His owner is a fireman, and he taught Petey to stop, drop, and roll when he says, "You're on fire!" Then he says, "Crawl out of the fire!" and Petey crawls across the ground. It was a good trick. The parrot, whose name is Jimmy B (as in Buffet), was also in the talent contest. He plays dead and rolls over. :)
We let Georgia swim in the creek while we were there, and she had a blast retrieving a stick. Now, she's sleeping at my feet. All those dogs and people wore her out. All in all, I think the event was a success, and some money and supplies were raised for the Humane Society. I hope it will be even bigger next year.

Thursday, August 02, 2007

A Rant About Feeling Left Out

There is a saying that you get out of things what you put into them. I've found this to be true in every organization I've been involved in. It was true of the sorority, it was true of group work in grad school, and it's also true in church.

I have a real problem with people who get mad and whine that they have been excluded when they make no effort to be included. When they exclude themselves and expect others to bend over backward to try to include them. It drives me nuts. It drives me nuts because typically in an organization, 20% of the people do 80% of the work while asking for others to volunteer!! If there is an announcement presented on four different mediums for help that is needed, and you do not step up to help, then you deserve to feel left out. What else do you need? A personal phone call? Because you are so much more important than all the other people who respond to those announcements with willingness and excitement for the job at hand? Pardon my rant, but this is one thing that I can't stand. I work hard, and I work hard at being social when I absolutley am not a social person, so DON'T TELL ME YOU'VE BEEN EXCLUDED WHEN I NEVER SEE YOUR FACE AT A FUNCTION.

So, the next time you feel left out of something, take a minute to analyze your actions and determine if YOU made any effort. Did you volunteer for anything that anyone asked for help with in the last 6 months? Did you attend any special functions in the last 6 months? If not, then shut up about it, because I'm probably too busy doing 80% of the work to entertain your petty whining.